Fractal Image Compression

We use insanely complicated mathematics to achieve big compression ratios

Riccardo Rossi, Carlo Meloni, Valerio Verrando and I have deveoped a Windows application for compressing images through IFS (Iterated Functions Systems). We have reached a compression ratio of 24:1 in 6 minutes on a 320x200 true-color image.

The program is very simple to use and may be reguarded as an indroductive tutorial for those who approach the first time this subject. Thanks to its graphical interface and to the fact that it shows graphically each step of the computation, looking at the program, while it is running, can be explanatory of how fractal compression works.

IFSAF (IFS Application Framework) can be downloaded from here (~300K ZIP), and is absolutely free since its educational purpose. It comes with a WinHelp file (in italian by now) that explain how to use it and little more about IFS compression.

Here is available a postscript paper (284K ZIP) about how IFSAF works, its algorithms, some theory, its hw/sw requirements and how to use and configure. This document is not a final release so, it is somewhat incomplete.

We would thank prof. Y.Fisher who helped us in the very first stage of our work addressing us to his SIGGRAPH'92 Course notes (977K Z). Even more suggestions we took from his book "Fractal Image Compression - Springer Verlag".

Windows 95 encoder available

If you like and use (for research or fun) our program, please, make we hear about!

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